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"The Movement" Cookie #1 — Katharsis

From its debut, I’ve been quite enamoured with Gail Simone’s comic series “The Movement” and being able to meet Gail herself and get my issue #1 signed in Wellington this year was simply mindblowing (she said she liked my bag, haha!).  While brainstorming for new baking experiments, I decided to base a series of cookies on the lead characters of “The Movement”, starting with my current favourite, Katharsis.  Katharsis is a badass ex-cop who seems violence-prone and, just like these chilli chocolate cookies, packs a mean punch.  These cookies, adapted from GuiltyKitchen are full of sweetness, saltiness, and raw heat.  

Find out how you can make them below the cut!

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Amanda Palmer “The Killing Type” Cake

This is a double layer berry and chocolate mud cake with fondant, berry sauce, and a cake-heart!  While watching Rosanna Pansino on Nerdy Nummies making a castle cake, we toyed with the idea of a Red Wedding cake per Rosanna’s suggestion in the video.  The idea of making a bloody cake quickly brought our memory back to the music video for The Killing Type by Amanda Palmer, and so we decided to make a cake inspired by this music video.  This cake is based on Allyson Gofton’s Mississippi Mudcake recipe.  We decided to go with a rich and moist cake because, hey, it’s got a heart on it, if that didn’t put you off then the fact that it’s moist like a person’s insides should!

You can find our recipe for this cake below the cut!

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